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My parents didn’t know it but I was being bullied and picked on at school. That’s how I ended up in the hospital with an ulcer at the age of 11. I had more anxiety than any child should ever have to deal with.

This may be happening with your child
and you may not even know it.

My name is Robert F. Turley, and I have been training and teaching Martial Arts for over 30 years. I am extremely passionate about teaching Kids how to defend themselves against Bullying. Why? Because the story above is mine. And I designed this STEP BY STEP SYSTEM to teach your Kids how to be less of a target, what to do before a Bully puts their hands on them, and what action to take if they do.

I NEVER want your Child to go through the emotional, physical or mental abuse I did. Knowing the Techniques in our system will instantly give your Child the Confidence to Protect themselves against Bullying.

When someone comes to SMASHBULLY for help with bullying…

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Do you want a system that is easy to learn?  Can be learned QUICKLY?  Can be learned in the Privacy of your own HOME?  Do you have a specific situation and need ANSWERS NOW!! 

 And wouldn’t it be great to have access to our Self Defense System for an incredibly low monthly fee

THEN READ ON to see the stories of how our System changed the lives of four kids and Teenagers and how it can do the same for your child.


“My name is Brian, and I was getting bullied for months in High School.  My bully would always shoulder me in the Hallways, hit me in class and taunt me to make himself look cool in front of his friends.  I started learning the SmashBully System, and in a short time I was able to Defend myself against him.  And even though I learned Physical techniques in the system, I only had to use the Non-Physical Techniques to get my Bully to Stop.  THANKS SMASHBULLY!!!”

Jullian was very shy and needed direction to help him become more confident.  And when Jullian started getting Bullied, it became even worse.  He didn’t know what to do and reached out to SMASHBULLY for help.  After learning parts of the SMASHBULLY System, this is what Jullian and his Grandmother had to say…”After learning the easy techniques from SMASHBULLY, I had the confidence knowing that I could protect myself.  I used the non contact bullying methods first, but my Bully was very physical.  So I used the physical Self Defense from SMASHBULLY and quickly ended my Bullying.  I never want to hurt anyone, and the SMASHBULLY System allowed me to use the least amount of force necessary.  And best of all, my Grandmother is proud of me.”

Meet Emily.  She was Bullied a lot because she was taller than everyone and didn’t have friends because she didn’t like Sports.  Everyone saw her as different and the mental bullying was tremendous.  Emily says “Due to being Bullied Mentally by all the girls, I would tear myself down.  And it was horrible, just horrible!!  I started learning the SMASHBULLY System with Master Turley and my confidence soon recovered.  I started developing strong physical abilities which rebuilt my Self-Esteem.  I worked on all of the exercises to get stronger and learned the physical techniques in case someone tried to hurt me.  As my Physical strength increased, my  Mental strength increased.  I no longer get Bullied Mentally because I am now strong enough to ignore it, or take action if I need too.

“Hi, I am Peter, and I was getting Physically Bullied for a long time by a group of Kids.  I couldn’t take it anymore and finally told my Parents.  My parents reached out to SMASHBULLY and I learned exactly what to do with my specific situation.  When my Bullies confronted me again, I used the Techniques from SMASHBULLY and my Bullying ended that day.  And now the Bully’s want to be my friend.  THANKS SMASHBULLY!!!

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