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Step #1 “Preparing for Bullying”

This Step includes:

Preparing for Bullying

  • How to look less like a target
  • Building Confidence in your Child
  • Improving Physical Fitness
  • Practicing Blocking
  • Defensive Stances and Footwork
  • Understanding your Target areas to protect
  • Over 30 Fitness Videos to get your Children Physically prepared and in Shape

Step #2 “What to do when Confronted by a Bully”

This Step includes:

Confronted By Bully

  • Self Defense Distances
  • Defensive Body Posture
  • Self Defense Stances
  • Proper Movement/Footwork
  • Proper Head Movement
  • How to get others involved to Help situation
  • When is it OK to Physically Defend yourself?
  • How to throw proper punches
  • How to use proper kicks

Step #3 “Physical Confrontation with a Bully”

This Step includes:
SmashBully Self Defense Library

  • Customizing YOUR Specific Situation
  • Situational Defense
  • Understanding the 3 Rings of Defense
  • Movement for safe Distances
  • Hand Strikes
  • Kicking
  • Blocking
  • Defense against getting grabbed
  • Attacked from Behind
  • Bear Hug Defense
  • Clothing Grab Defense
  • Choke Defenses
  • Pinned against a wall
  • Full Nelson Defense

Special Bonus: SmashBully.com Video Series
for Womens Self Defense and Cyberbullying

Our GOAL is for your Child to NEVER use Physical Techniques to defend themselves. But if they do, WE WANT THEM TO KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO USE THEM AND WHEN TO USE THEM.



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