Stop BullyingHey Everyone,

We are very close to finishing our long-awaited Bully/Domestic Violence Self Defense Video Library. We have been working on it for a couple years and are finally going to wrap it up. We will be releasing it in mid March.

This Self Defense Video Library will focus on how to help your Kids, Teens and Adults better understand how to prepare and protect themselves against Bullying including Domestic Violence. We are going to cover and Instruct on many scenarios such as:

  • Children or teenagers who would like to prepare for or are currently suffering from bullying/cyberbullying.
  • A young Adult getting ready to leave home for the first time (ie: College, Studying abroad, Work)
  • Adults who are in abusive relationships
  • Adults who are concerned about being alone when working (ie: Real Estate Agents, those working at night, those that travel).

Stop Domestic ViolenceHOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalize everything and Launch our Self Defense Library, we need to make sure we have covered everything.

That is where you come in. Please take a moment to answer this super short survey. There is only one thing we want to ask you…

What are your top 2 questions about protecting yourself or your Family that we absolutely NEED to answer in our Self Defense Library?